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Atavist Fee Policy

Atavist fees apply only to digital products sold via the Atavist platform on the web or Atavist apps. Sales made through third-party vendors (e.g., Amazon) or within your your own branded Android or iOS app(s), powered by Atavist, are not subject to Atavist selling fees.

“Retail price” is the price you set for your buyers. The “net amount” is the amount after credit card processing fees. Currently Atavist uses Stripe as its credit card processor, but this policy will apply to any future credit card or online payment processors we may employ. Credit card processing fees vary by country—Stripe’s United States fees can be found at Atavist’s fee percentage is based on the net amount of each sale and your plan level at the time of sale.

You, the seller, are responsible for all taxes associated with your sales.

If you issue a refund to a buyer of your content (which you may currently do through Stripe), they will receive the full amount of the purchase price from you. You may request a refund of the corresponding Atavist selling fee portion of that amount via email at support AT atavist DOT com. Atavist, at its sole discretion, may issue this refund.

Plan Level Atavist Fee
Free* 80%
Tier 2 20%
Tier 3 15%
Tier 4 10%
Tier 5 1%

* Free accounts are not eligible to sell on Atavist. However, if you have a paid plan, begin selling, and then downgrade to a Free account, your projects already for sale will be subject to the fee listed above.