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Brand your page. With a Small Publishers plan, you can unlock tools like logo integration and advanced settings on blocks, as well as set up a custom URL to mask your Atavist subdomain. Start to showcase stories on your homepage — the Squares story block is a great for portfolios while a List, in any of the available themes, is a classic, clean display.

Sell your stories online.

Your work is worth the purchase. Whether it’s a stand-alone story, part of a series, or a magazine issue, put it behind a paywall and set your price. Directly deposit revenue into a linked bank account, give out coupons, collect customer data, and more. Or, generate an enhanced ebook file and distribute on other platforms.

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Brand Control

Logo integration and a custom URL.


Up-to-the-minute page views and full data exports.


Single-story sales, coupons, direct deposit, customer data, and more.

Team Accounts

Invite colleagues, collaborators, or friends to join your account.

World-Class Design Tools

All the title designs, visual themes, and page navigation options you love.

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Publishing our award-winning The Atavist Magazine helped us develop the platform you get to use. Atavist recognizes that digital storytelling is a craft, and we are proud to offer tools that help users make stunning work. Every day amazing projects are made by writers, publishers, agencies, and organizations. Among us are world-class publications like The California Sunday Magazine and Rhapsody, hardworking non-profits like the Pulitzer Center, students from around the globe, innovative brands, journalists and photographers, and so many more.

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