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Explore what's possible with Atavist.

Create media-rich stories.

It's easy to include multimedia — just drag and drop blocks of image, video, sound, maps, embeds, and more.

Build a mobile-friendly website.

Completely control how stories appear on your homepage, and make articles discoverable with categories and tags.

Design every detail.

Play with themes, title designs, menu and navigation options, and templates to make stories readers want to share.

Media makes storytelling.

With Atavist, adding multimedia to projects is easy and intuitive. Tell the whole story with blocks of video, sound, slideshows, charts, and Instagram and Twitter embeds. It's as simple as drag and drop. Blocks work in projects as well as on website pages: animate the page with a Giphy, include a map block to show where your business is, or feature the latest episode of your podcast with a SoundCloud embed.

Looks as good as it reads.

Because it's not just what you say — it's how you say it. Mix and match a variety of title designs and themes to find the perfect look for your stories. We also provide the flexibility to beautifully arrange projects on your website, using our story blocks. Accomplish all of this — without writing a line of code. Or, upgrade to use developer tools to customize your way.

Go where your readers are.

Reach your audience whether they’re reading in a browser, on their mobile phones, or in an ebook. We give you options for how to share work: you can make stories available on your Atavist website, mask your URL with a custom domain name, and publish to Facebook Instant Articles. And if you want to monetize your content, sell story-by-story, by subscription, or put articles behind a flexible paywall.

Journalists know to use Atavist.

Publishing our award-winning The Atavist Magazine helped us develop the platform you get to use. Atavist recognizes that digital storytelling is a craft, and we are proud to offer tools that help users make stunning work. Every day amazing projects are made by writers, publishers, agencies, and organizations. Among us are world-class publications like The California Sunday Magazine and Rhapsody, hardworking non-profits like the Pulitzer Center, students from around the globe, innovative brands, journalists and photographers, and so many more.

Choose a plan that's right for you.

It's free to sign up and explore. For more details, visit our Plans page.

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