What is The Atavist?

The Atavist is a hybrid magazine and book publisher that produces one nonfiction story a month—you can think of it as one story per monthly issue—between 5,000 and 30,000 words (some folks on the Web call these “longform stories,” while some in the book world call them “e-singles,” or “e-shorts.”). You can buy our stories individually or subscribe to get them all.

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What’s Creatavist and what can I do with it?

Creatavist is the software platform we built to produce all the stories and books on Atavist. If you like what you see what you read here, you can do it yourself: It’s open to everyone! It’s free to try. You can create your own stories, ebooks, digital magazines, and even your own mobile publishing app on it. Check it all out here.

If you are already a Creatavist user and need help, head to our help portal.

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I bought an Atavist title on the Web. Can I read it on my Kindle?

Typically, yes. Just log in here. In your Library view, you’ll see all the stories you have access to. If you hover over Read, you’ll see your download options. To read in a Kindle, just download the Kindle file and load it onto your device. (Amazon has instructions for how to do that here.)

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I bought a title in the Atavist mobile app. Can I read it on the Web?

Yes. Just make sure you’re signed in to your user account in the app. If you don’t have one, sign up; it’s free. This will associate the titles you bought in the app with your reader account. Now you can read them anywhere: in the app, on the Web by logging in here, or as e-book files (downloadable from your Library).

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I bought a title from Amazon. Do I have access to the Web and app versions?

No. Unfortunately, if you buy from Amazon we are unable to give you access to other versions of the story.

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How do I access an audiobook that comes with an Atavist title that I’ve bought?

You can listen to Atavist audiobooks in our mobile apps. Open up the book or story inside an app, and click the “Audio Book” icon on the top right of any chapter. (If you purchased the title on our Web site, be sure to log in to the app so that you have access to it.)

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I have a new device, or I updated my app, and now I can’t get access to my purchases. Can you help?

To get back to titles you’ve already purchased in an Atavist mobile app, on any device, make sure you’re signed in to your current device’s settings with the same App Store account you used to make your purchases. Then open the Atavist app, and from the Store screen use Settings > Restore Purchases.

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Is there a way to reset the password for my reader account?

Sure thing. Go here.

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I’m a reviewer or reporter, can I get access to stories and books for review purposes?

Absolutely. Email media@atavist.com, and we’ll add you to our distribution list for advanced copies or set up with a press account to read them online. 

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Does The Atavist accept submissions?

The Atavist, our monthly publication of nonfiction, accepts pitches for longform, character-driven, narrative nonfiction stories between 5,000 and 30,000 words. These can be directed to the desk of our executive editor, Katia Bachko, at katia@atavist.com. Please take the time to look at the kinds of stories we’ve done in the past—all narrative nonfiction—and please do not send full manuscript, story pitches only.

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What does Atavist mean?

Atavist /āt’ə-vĭzt/ n.

1. a biological term referring to traits that disappear in a species or lineage over generations but then suddenly reappear.

2. a throwback.

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I arrived at the end of this list and my question remains unanswered! What now?

We’re happy to help; email us at support@atavist.com.

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